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Die Seminarhäuser  


Like our wines, our partners are quite special.

The success of our estates is due to the high quality of our wines.We have been a longtime member of the VDP (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter, or Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates), a group of some 200 top estates throughout Germany, who have been "dedicated to quality, by tradition" since the founding of the VDP in 1910. All member estates are required to meet standards higher than the minimum required by law, and both VDP estates and their wines are subject to regular inspections and quality reviews by their peers.

Trias - Terroir, Passion, Pleasure This is a group of five friends in Franken, who all belong to the VDP, and who all grow vines in the region's three typical soil types (red sandstone, shell limestone, gypsum marl) that date from the Trias Period some 225 million years ago. Five estates with one philosophy: to produce premium quality wines that truly reflect their terroir!

Our primary goal is to offer all of our customers - wine lovers and members of the trade alike - easy access to our wines, so that as many people as possible can enjoy the pleasures that fine wines can offer.


Fürst Löwenstein
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