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400 years of royal winegrowing tradition
The history of our family and of our wine goes back to 1611 and lasts to the present day. Back then, during the Holy Roman Empire, wine played a major role. Copious amounts were produced and consumed. The House of Löwenstein were a European aristrocratic family with lands along the river Main and in the Odenwald, in Bohemia and Lorraine, in Palatinate and in an area which today belongs to Belgium. And they were in the lucky position of always having their own wine at their disposal.

The wine growing tradition reaches from the very beginning of the town and earldom of Wertheim all the way to Kleinheubach, where Prince Carl Thomas maintained a fabulous wine cellar during the 18th century. The upheavals during the age of Napoleon not only had an effect on the fate of the House of Löwenstein but also prepared the ground for the further development of viticulture in Franconia. During the German Empire the outstanding vineyard at Hallgarten in the Rheingau and the monastery vineyard Kallmuth, cultivated since the Middle Ages, became part of the Löwenstein estate. The wines grown along the rivers Rhine and Main, brought together and developed further at Kleinheubach Palace, today represent the European dimension of the history of the House of Löwenstein. Kleinheubach Palace was built in 1725 in the French style.

The Löwenstein family is very proud of its successful winegrowing tradition. It will be continued and further developed at the family seat, Keinheubach Palace. Wine enriches the present and winegrowing links the past with the future.

Old staples
Old staples Wine shop New wine estate Kleinheubach Barrique cellar with red wine barrels

Move to Kleinheubach
Since September 2010 we are now able to welcome you at our newly opened wine estate within the grounds of Kleinheubach Palace. The baroque buildings on the banks of the river Main and magnificent old trees provide an exceptionally beautiful background to the production of our wine. The former royal stables with their breathtaking vaulted ceilings are now the place where our precious and unique wines mature. You will never forget a visit to our estate: you enter a fascinating world where tradition and modernity, highest quality and rural tranquility meet. We would also like to invite you to stay at our generously proportioned palace, to host that special event here with us or to take part in one of the many seminars and conferences taking place here. Our proximity to the largest German airport is a clear advantage. We hope to be able to welcome you, your friends and family . A relaxing environment, superb wines and royal traditions await your arrival.




Fürst Löwenstein
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