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Die Seminarhäuser  

Fürst Dominik Marquard

Later generations of the noble house acquired important territories, particularly that of Haid in Bohemia.

In 1721, Prince Dominik Marquard bought property in Kleinheubach from the Counts of Erbach and had a palace built there by the French architect Louis Remy de la Fosse. This is the residence of the family today.

In 1730, the prince purchased the territory of Rosenberg from Count Franz von Hatzfeld. This has been officially incorporated into the title of the Princes of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg since 1803.

Their fight for Catholic doctrine and their bond with their church has been a hallmark of all the Princes of Löwenstein. As a leading Catholic layman of the 19th century, Prince Karl (*1834, +1921) presided over the Central Committee of German Catholics. His son, Prince Aloys, as well as his grandson, Prince Karl, carried on in his footsteps. As such, the Princes of Löwenstein have played an important role in the Central Committee and Catholic Conferences for a century.


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